Ash Lingam
Publisher: Lawless Waters Publishing Co.
Pages: 159

U.S. Marshal Boon Spade is a lawman who brings wanted men to justice so he can watch them swing at the end of a rope. But the last outlaws he delivers to the judge escape into the night. Who is responsible for breaking them out of jail, and whom will the authorities send to track them down? Newly-married Rowdy Bates and his Texas Rangers are assigned the dangerous mission. Will his new marital status affect his actions and his job?Along the way, Ranger Terry Coffee is smitten by an unexpected visitor, a woman with a violent past and a dangerous plan for the future. Will Terry find the love of his life, or will his future be rife with disappointment and danger?This is Ash Lingam's eleventh installment of the Texas Ranger series and probably his best. Join the Amazon Best Selling Author on his latest journey into the Wild West and the unknown.
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