Craig P. Wilson
Publisher: K-Oz Publishing (December 29, 2020)
Pages: 99

For many families, Christmas is a magical time for giving, receiving, and feeling love. But what if you unknowingly rescued four terrorists from hypothermia by bringing them into the warmth of your home during the holidays?When Khalil entered the United States, his heart was full of hate. The relationships he's formed with his roommate and piers while masquerading as a nursing student at college have made him happy. The mirage of a better life evaporates as he's received a text informing him that his cell has been activated; it's time to meet his associates of terror.Khalil is quickly reunited with the hate he's been conditioned to feel towards Western Civilization when his dark associates enter the rental car. As they drive deeper and deeper into the unforgiving heart of a snowstorm, conflict rages within as Khalil's reminded of all that he's lost. Then an accident derails his ...
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