Clement Harrison
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 222

How to turn a pleasurable pastime into a booming businessDo you have a special soap recipe that’s proven to be effective with your children’s skin sensitivities?Do your handmade soap gifts to your friends often get compliments and requests for more?If so, you might want to share your talents with a wider market and earn some extra income at the same time.With the popularity of clean and natural living in recent years, handmade bath products have become increasingly appealing for people who wish to stay away from harmful chemicals in commercially made goods.That popularity is also reflected in the rise of soap making classes. In fact, you may have even started honing your craft in one of these classes yourself.While most will just try it for fun, if you’ve got a knack for mixing oils and picking out scents, you could be sitting on the perfect business opportunity!The global handmade soap ...
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