Sandra Alex
Publisher: Appleyard Enterprises
Pages: 279

"An affecting love story of two strangers finding each other at exactly the right moment." - Kirkus ReviewsThe tormented guitarist. The fearless security guard. The kiss that’s seen globally. The razor blade that threatens to end everything.Billy Nestor has everything he’s always wanted: a band, the best guitar skills, a creative edge like no other, a thick skin, and the chops to climb the charts. The one thing he’s missing is a supportive father. While his mom is his biggest fan, his father has chided him since the day he picked up an instrument, slating that the boy would never amount to anything unless he applied himself to something other than heavy metal.Michelle Parsons has seen the world through the eyes of the battlefield. She’s determined, tough as nails, and has enough brains and drive to get her anywhere she wants to go in the world. Until she gets fatally shot in combat and ...
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