T. J. Crow
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 15

“When you look at a vast expanse of trees, what do you see? Do you see a place for a thriving city with sky-high towers and elaborate structures? Perhaps you might see a location for a small subdivision with a close-knit community. You might even see a state park where people can gather and kids can play and nature envelops its visitors. Regardless of what you see, there is one truth that stands out: a forest provides opportunities for dreaming – even if some dreams drastically change the forest itself.When I see a forest, I see adventure. I see a land that I have explored a hundred times over, yet still don’t fully know. I see a land with hidden secrets and bountiful harvests. I see beauty. I see hardship. I see growth, perseverance, and strength. I see what humanity strives to be, in a way.”Thus begins this delightfully quirky, earnest and sincere book of T. J. Crow’s love for nature ...
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