R Kilpatrick
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 205

It’s 2021 and the deadly COVID virus has infected seventy-five million people globally, killing more than five million. Governments around the world race to implement inoculation programs.Initially, the programs are successful, but the race against time has introduced unforeseen problems for those given the Vaccine: extreme flushing of blood, painful muscular episodes and isolated incidents of violence. Or at least that's what the UK Government has reported.The truth is they're called Screamers. They're wild and will rip you limb from limb if they catch you in one of their packs. Coupled that we have The Zealots who think it is a great time to introduce their religious doctrine to the world, and create a Screamer Hoard.Finally, you have me, Paddy. In the space of 72 hours, I met and lost the woman of my dreams, won a bare-knuckle Gypsy boxing match and then killed a man, only to be ...
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