Lilah Rivers
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 352

Claire is a rich and spoiled girl with a heart of gold, living luxuriously in New York. Suddenly, her status and money are wiped from reality and she is left feeling lost and embarrassed when her father is arrested for corruption. In a desperate attempt to get rid of the humiliation she is now experiencing, she decides to respond to a sheriff's mail-order-bride ad. Although she is fond of husband-to-be at first, her world comes crashing down around her once again, as she realizes how incompatible she is with him and his humble lifestyle. Can Claire find her happy place in the west, living simply as the wife of a sheriff, thousands of miles away from what she'd once considered home?Duncan is the beloved but strict sheriff of Dry Canyon, hardened by a challenging western life, full of death, disease and crime. What he inwardly needs is a vigorous woman to help him come out of his comfort ...
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