Hicham and Mohamed Ibnalkadi
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 35

Tips You Must Know About Ms Word●Microsoft Word plays an essential task in today’s digital world. No matter if you are a student or a professional or simply a teacher or name anyone, you are most probably using Microsoft Word in one way or the other. ●Microsoft Word is an essential tool for creating all types of documents like letters, memos, reports, term papers, typesetting novels, magazines, etc. It is a specialized aid for formatting the documents in different ways; does spelling and grammar check to produce standard and error-free documents. It has an in-built thesaurus for finding appropriate synonyms to replace repetitive words/phrases.●Moreover, it provides a word count feature for a statistical report of the documents. Additionally, it has drawing and graphics editing tools to give a touch of graphics or images to go with the documents. Not only it has sounds and video handling ...
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