Janet Anderson
Publisher: Amazon
Pages: 58

A tale of Romance and danger with pirate's and sword fighting. The story takes place in the 17th century at the time of the second plague pandemic in France. The book begins with four thieves staring at the guillotine with people in the square waiting for the magistrate to kick the bucket from underneath their feet. Unlock the Secrets of Amélie Dubois and her brother Jean-Luc and how they meet the handsome Captain Roland Thunder while they take you on their adventure. "Legend of Four Thieves" is a story about thieves caught during the days of the Plague who used herbal concoctions that made them immune to the the Black Death. Their legendary secret recipe of herbs and vinegars somehow kept them immune to the black death. When they were caught they had to reveal their immunity secrets.Join Amélie on her quest to save France from the great pestilence that took thousands of lives.A ...
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