Cym Aros
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 682

"This is a gorgeous, intelligent, and heart wrenching story...a tale of trust and family love and a belief in goodness and truth—in the face of immense wickedness—unspooled for your reading pleasure by a naturally gifted (and clearly well-read) storyteller."This tale - the first in a series of three - opens in the summer of 1874, in a prison camp south of Carson City. Falsely accused and incarcerated, two half-brothers find themselves in a losing battle to survive corrupt and brutal conditions. Cole Franklin, twenty-nine, is the privileged scion of the late, much-lionized patriarch of a wealthy California family. Jesse, twenty-four, is that patriarch's bastard son, a fact unknown to Jesse or the surviving Franklins until a scant year and a half before.Jesse had come to the Franklins as an itinerant cowboy. He is the younger of the two men, but he had ridden a long, hard trail of ...
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