Polly Barks
Publisher: Jarilo Publishing
Pages: 47

Are you a self-sustaining homesteader with absolutely no ties to the outside work? Great, this book is not for you. For everyone else, this may be helpful as you tackle zero waste and sustainable living.From the author of PollyBarks.com - a site that reaches over 30,000 monthly visitors - comes a compilation of all the zero waste living and eco-friendly lifestyle hacks you could ever want!This group of list essays will help you weed out the chaos and overwhelm of daily life to find practical, actionable ways to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Author Polly Barks reaches tens of thousands of readers every month through her quick and engaging take on the nuances of sustainability. Join us in the communal quest to stop over-thinking and start taking action to save the planet from the climate crisis.
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5 stars from 27 ratings
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