Rodolfo Tello
Publisher: Amakella Publishing
Pages: 138

Get Ready to Invest, Grow Your Money, and Protect Your Stock Market Investments!The stock market can be intimidating for new investors and people considering investing for the first time. Stocks, bonds, options… it almost sounds like another language!But underneath the jargon, the stock market provides a great opportunity for people to grow their wealth over time, and use those profits to build the life they want.This book shows new investors like you how to survive and thrive in the stock market.After reading How to Invest in Stocks, you should be able to:✅ Understand how the stock market works and how it can work for you✅ Recognize the different factors that can affect stock market prices✅ Gain a basic knowledge of the main approaches to investing in stocks✅ Learn what you can do to protect your investment capital from the beginning✅ Handle the emotional aspects associated with stock ...
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