Noah Michael
Publisher: Asteron Press LLC
Pages: 1025

Three Books. 1000+ pages of mind-blowing magic, sinister villains, action-packed adventure. Fans of Michael Anderle, Sarah Noffke, Lindsay Buroker, and Craig Martelle will love this complete trilogy, bundled into one epic omnibus edition.Book 1: The Nexus MirrorFor over a hundred years, the Enlai have been locked in a devastating war, decimating the legendary tribe of Surgers. When Roko, the mastermind leader of the Following, discovers that one Surger still lives, he deploys every warrior, killer-drone, and beast at his disposal to capture the young girl. Only a single human stands in his way, a simple man thirsting to avenge the death of his father.Book 2: The Legend of SolisWhen the United States government wages war against the super-powered Enlai, Tobias Ford, the President's adopted son, must join the front lines. However, while Tobias tries so hard to honor his father and ...
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