Delancey Stewart
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 828

♥ ♥ The first half of the award-winning Singletree romantic comedey series, plus a never-before-published story from USA Today Bestselling author Delancey Stewart! ♥ ♥Welcome to Singletree, Maryland, the quirky small town you'll wish was your own! The place might be small, but it's home to some of Delancey Stewart's most-loved couples. This collection includes:Book One: Happily Ever HisRyan McDonnell is my ultimate movie-star crush. And my sister's boyfriend. But when he comes to visit for the weekend, I find myself falling for him, and he's telling me it's mutual. But I don't want my sister hurt anymore than she already has been, and I definitely don't want my gun-toting granny to shoot the guy at her 90th birthday party (guns and cake are never a good combo). How am I supposed to believe that any uber-hot movie star would choose the regular girl over her glamorous movie star ...
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