Diana Wink
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 162

Can you have a fulfilling creative life AND make money? Not only that. Those two are inseparable. Creativity and business are two ends of the same stick. Only if a business is creative and if art is profitable, can you live a truly fulfilled artistic life. To walk this balance, you must face misconceptions and establish creative daily practices that together will get you where you want to be: serve your tribe, express your unique creativity, and make a good income. Part 1 unveils why many artists are depressed, stressed out, and struggle to make ends meet, and offers a solution—a radical change of both your mind AND your day.Part 2 dives deep into creativity, teaching you how to find your sweet spot, narrow down your passion and establish a daily practice by tricking your brain.In Part 3, you'll learn the two ways of how to merge creativity with business, make it part of your daily ...
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