Melynda Carlyle
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 1568

As their fate is forged in the face of destruction, three men and women will have to make the most crucial decisions of their lives...The Path To Tame a Wild HeartEvelyn Pierce is a feisty young woman living in the town of Kecheetah, New Mexico. Her past lover brought her nothing but pain as he proved to be a vile man… Lonnie Steele is an ambitious and handsome ranger who wishes to become a Sheriff and fulfill his lifelong dream. When his new position leads him to Evelyn, the two shall collide and Evelyn will have to learn to trust again. Lonnie will try his utmost best to win her over but what if past mistakes and newfound dangers overshadow their love? A Perfect Storm to Bind their HeartsRosalie Furman is a young woman living with her mother and younger sister after the death of her brother and father. Burdened with more than her fair share of responsibilities, she could never fathom ...
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