Nurit Sahar Sudai
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 341

A world facing total destruction depends upon the power of the only woman who can save it.As the final descendant to a lineage of alchemists who have devoted their lives to the eradication of soul demons, the servant vows to bring the long research to full completion, thus proving that indeed he is not the black sheep of the dynasty.That is why he has arrived at Denoj’ar to begin with - a small, godforsaken town, a place which is to enable him to continue his life’s mission.However, as fate would have it, the servant becomes guardian to a child named Allart and raises her, despite the objections of the local residents, led by Dr. Quadra, the town physician - who aspires to invent new revolutionary treatments and leave his mark on the world of science.Caught between the desires of the doctor and the servant, Allart finds herself trapped within a kingdom of illusions which is facing utter ...
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