Denean Dawson
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 141

A trip to a stunning Greek island, the first leg of a months-long summer vacation with my best friend, shouldn’t include kidnapping, gunshots, and a body count on the itinerary.I love Santorini, it’s a gorgeous island.Although, that’s not all that’s gorgeous here.Now I know why they call them Greek gods.Tall, thick dark hair, mysterious dark eyes, tanned bodies with chiseled abs.But this is supposed to be a girls trip.The first time I met one of the “gods”, he stormed into me without apologizing. What a jerk!The second time I met the same “god”, he got me so worked up, I slapped him. Hard.The third time? Well, I guess that’s what bedrooms are for. And now I only want more.But the secret life he’s running from just may kill me.
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