Sookh Kaur
ASIN: B08VH84K35
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 327

Never been kissed. Virgin at thirty. Life feels very plain… Until I learn about my dead grandma’s secret, and how she used to work for an outlaw motorcycle club. How? What? Why?  Gabriel is the hot as hell President of the BlackHawk Riders. He has answers for me as long as I come along for the ride. Which means I’m now on the back of his Harley and lying to my friends and family about it. This is wild. This is dangerous. And it’s the most alive I’ve ever felt. But this can't last because we’re from two incredibly different worlds that can never connect. A sheltered Punjabi woman can't ever fall for a rugged tattooed biker…right?Tina the Wallflower is a steamy, opposites-attract romance. It comes with a hot AF biker who doesn't know what to think of timid but determined Tina who dreams of fighting back all the expectations her family have placed on her. Expect bravery, grand gestures and ...
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