Catherine Tramell
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 106

LukeI surrendered a second chance for love because of my best friend.But now, I vow not to let another chance pass me by.Once fate brings me another opportunity for true love,I will fight for it, even if the risk of pain was high.But fate was stupid, no, it was cruel.Instead of bringing me a new love, it brought me an old loveOne that was full of scars and hatred One that made me hate love in the past.Luke Lemming surrendered his love when the attraction between Charlotte and Ben became clear. But he didn’t lose hope in love. Instead, he threw away his anger and hatred against a past lover, Alexa Paisley, and hoped for a new love in Hood River. But, fate tangled his heart back to Alexa.He didn’t want to take revenge on her. His only wish was to make Alexa regret her decision to abandon him. To do that, he promised to find his happiness before she could find hers.Things took a wrong turn ...
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