Suzanne Jenkins
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 174

Enemies to Lovers Hot Hunks Steamy Romance Collection Book 2 of 7When Landon was in love with Dylan, Dylan was in love with his surgical residency, in too deep to give her what she needed; a little attention, hope for a future.So she walked away from it and into the arms of rock star Kenny. Then a crazed fan murders Kenny and Dylan is the surgeon who is unable to save him. Landon’s fury finds an outlet and it’s against Dylan for failing to save Kenny. Dylan realizes what he lost when Landon walked out of his life may never be regained because of her anger. Can Dylan give Landon the love she once craved so she can fall in love with him again? Or does a musician’s ghost have too powerful a hold on her?A look. A judgment. A string of words. Bitter rivals and sworn enemies have been around since the beginning of time. But make no mistake, once the spark is ignited and the fuse is lit, the ...
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