NK Sondhi
Pages: 172

Lockdown in Corona pandemics changed the life of many people as well as societies. This book deals with the history of pandemics and covers the true stories of people about their journeys and sufferings during Corona crisis.The worst time of life is the best to show our worth. The sudden attack of Corona virus has put the entire world within four walls. Everyone is confined to the place where he lived. All personal, official, business, educational activities got a break from the normal course of life. The entire world is in the lockdown and just essential services are allowed to function. Even travelling by individuals in any form of travel is banned. While many have looked upon it as a bane but some people found it to be boon. As humans, we don’t possess divine powers performing miracles, but the lockdown provided miraculous energy among many people dwindling between doom and gloom to ...
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