Eliza Whitten
Publisher: Eliza Whitten
Pages: 288

What does my identical twin have that I don’t? Besides a fashion sense, the attention of every guy in a two-block radius, the ability to dance, confidence … Okay, that sounds bad. Life away from my perfect twin was bliss. No one in college compared me to a cutout version of myself. I’m known as Olive Green instead of Kate’s sister. I nearly broke free of Kate’s shadow ... until she transferred to my school. I’m determined to prove that I’m not the evil, loser twin. Singing is the one thing I’m truly good at, and a state talent competition is just the place to let my freak flag fly, allowing me to sing my way to victory. One problem—I have extreme stage fright. I’m talking vomit-inducing, hyperventilating, debilitating fear. It’s going to take a miracle for me to win. Enter Aiden freaking Sanders, my extremely hot neighbor, baseball player, and psych major. With his help, I can show the ...
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