Bailey Bristol
Publisher: Prairie Muse Books Inc
Pages: 234

Mischief, mayhem, and murder…Russian beauty Rusilla Charkova has no business sneaking into a London ball uninvited. Still, when the dashing Ned Danton, Duke of Wellbury, begs for her help, what can she do but comply? After all—it might be the height of rudeness to refuse. With her whimsically dramatic flair, Rue will save the day for her Neddie. But can the man who has just won her heart do the same for her when she falls into the hands of vile Egyptian jewel thieves? The ones who will kill her mother if she doesn’t return the stolen Stones of Saqqarah?Rife with tendrils of suspense to keep the pages turning, Rue and Neddie will keep you on the edge of your chair. And as they do, you'll witness a precious love unfold. A love they wouldn't dare deny.
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