Tamrin Banks
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 44

Jace:My adopted mother, Valentina Hart is riding my last nerve. She wants grandbabies and she's willing to pull out all the stops to find each of her boy's their perfect match. I'm blindsided when she brings interior designer, Artie Renault home to discuss my new office which I didn't ask for by the way! I'm struck by her wild beauty, the blond hair with purple streaks, the curvy, lush body that's keeping me up at night, the smart mouth that for some reason amuses the heck out of me as much as it turns me on! Now that I've brought her home for Valentine's Day, I'm going to make sure that I don't lose this girl. She's my little goddess and no way am I letting her go!Artie:Ugh! As soon as Valentina introduces me to her son, we set off sparks that could trigger a four-alarm fire. He's hot, sexy and sinfully dirty and I like it! He's more experienced than me and it makes me nervous. When he ...
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