Delancey Stewart
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 620

♥ ♥ The second half of the award-winning Singletree romantic comedy series, plus a never-before-published story from USA Today Bestselling author Delancey Stewart! ♥ ♥Welcome to Singletree, Maryland, the quirky small town you'll wish was your own! The place might be small, but it's home to some of Delancey Stewart's most-loved couples.★ This collection includes:Book Four: Second Chance SpringSometimes love makes plans for you while you’re busy making plans of your own...Finding myself over thirty and divorced, living in the same small town where I grew up, was not exactly the fast track to personal success. So I took action.I landed a job with a bigger practice in a big city where I’d find more opportunities at work, and hopefully in my social life. I was ready to move on.But when Cormac Whitewood and his adorable daughters came into my life, suddenly my big plans didn’t seem so shiny ...
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