Savvy Rose
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 51

Hyacinth, a sweet girl next door who devotes her time to her father and stressful job, generally spends her weekends shrouded in a purple haze and avoiding her boring husband.Enter Devina, a pathological liar who is unable to accept her shrinks diagnosis, seeks Colorado’s many dispensaries for a homeopathic treatment. A chance encounter leaves Devina pining for Hyacinth, taking full advantage of Hyacinth’s unhappy marriage full of doubts. Treading the line of betrayal lightly, the two explore their heated connection in secret. The pair are quickly blinded by their own desires and Devina grows impatient with their twisted situation. Hyacinths reluctance to accept her true self pushes Devina over the edge and into a possessive mania that will forever change both of their lives.
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