Shona Thompson
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 458

He brought her war, she gave him peace…Lady Marion Hadlee seems like an obedient daughter, although she harbors a desperate secret. No one knows the suffering she endures at her parents' hands until a dashing Highlander comes along and everything changes.His interference gives her a chance at a new life.Eiric McLeod is an elite spy, unraveling secrets as Scotland plans a rebellion. His investigation takes him to a ball full of English enemies where he crosses paths with a raven-haired girl about to take her life.Intrigued by her beauty and sadness, he takes her to the Highlands.There, Marion is transformed. From a wallflower, she becomes an enchantress—a spy in Scotland's service with a mission of her own. She uses her feminine charm to entrap a powerful Englishman.Now, Eiric must watch the woman he desires seduce another man. His heart tells him to stop her, but his loyalty to his ...
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