Ashvin Raj
Publisher: Booksthakam
Pages: 132

Romantic Suspense Fiction Bestseller • The second and the third book of the series were kindle bestsellers before their release on pre-order. 'Lies of Truth' is a trilogy series, and as it has attempted as realistic fiction, each book has its narrating patterns. The protagonist in the second book, 'My Boyfriend's Confession' narrates the story in a confessional manner. These storylines have hidden answers to fill the dots that connect the timeline of the first and third books of the series. —Booksthakam USAAbout The BookLove can define yet is perplexing to understand. Love can be expressive in many ways though it's from one's perspective. However, finding the right one is nearly impossible these days. Love can be the cause of a great life or a miserable life. It can be deceit or honest. There is no rule to love or to be loved, but conflicts exist in every relationship. Struggles make ...
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