Colin Conway
Publisher: Original Ink Press
Pages: 289

When a wicked man is murdered, should he get the same justice as a righteous man?A year ago, Dallas Nash’s wife died. He still can’t sleep through the night and is barely eating. He’s grown irritable and quick-tempered. People are beginning to take notice. Worst of all, he might be losing his mind.It’s not a good place for a Major Crimes detective to be.When a violent pimp is murdered, Nash is assigned the case.  With no witnesses and weak evidence, he must make a choice—vigorously investigate the killing of a bad man or go through the motions before casually sweeping it into an unsolved file.Plenty of people want him to stop—the prostitutes abused by the deceased, a do-gooder with a shadowy past, and a cop with his thumb on the scale. But even as his personal life and career crumble around him, Nash must hold himself together and walk through the underbelly of a city to find justice ...
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