Ash Lingam
Publisher: Lawless Waters Publishing Co.
Pages: 227

Three young American men make a mistake that could cost them their freedom and find they must flee Texas or face the law. They further imperil their future helping two slaves to freedom near the docks of Port Galveston. In the cold and damp slums of Saint Guiles in London, five homeless teenagers are snatched off the streets by grimes who impress young vagrants into the Queen’s Royal Navy—innocent children indentured by wicked men.When fate throws all ten orphans together, they gravitate to the only choice they have—a life of adventure and crime on the high seas. From pulpers to pirates, the soon-to-be-adult teens, make their way to freedom only to find treachery and skullduggery on the Seven Seas. Will they be able to harness their enthusiasm and determination to prevail in a profession fraught with danger?Ash Lingam revels in finding unusual twists when approaching his favorite genre ...
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