R.J. Lewis
ASIN: B08X4W416K
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 475

Aidan West: I’m a jackass. But you know what? At least I’m willing to admit that. I’m not like these imposters walking around, wearing their false identities to the public. They don their business suits and pretend they’re reasonable fair men in the world of cutthroat business. These douchebags will f*ck you over the second your back is turned to them. Not me. I’ll f*ck you over while I’m looking straight into your eyes, and I won’t hesitate to do it. I’m Aidan f*cking West. The Asshole of the East. I’m greedy and cold, and I take what I want. And what I want since the passenger next to me opened her mouth and uttered the word “f*ck” is to stick my tongue down her throat and taste her. Taste every inch of her. I'm a man that gets what he wants. And what I want is Ivy Montcalm. The black- and red-haired girl who shows up in my life, swearing like a pirate, dressed in nothing but ...
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