Scarlett Ripley
ASIN: B08X6N11P8
Publisher: Scarlett Ripley Books
Pages: 154

Book 1 in the modern fantasy series, "A Story of Giants"A reluctant warrior battles dark forces and her own past to protect those who keep watch over the endless realm of worlds.What if I told you that we are not alone, and that Giants walk among us? Our world is but one of many, interconnected like an infinite string of pearls. Join Leanna Salinger and her sister Violet as they train to travel the endless realm of worlds with those who guard it.Only those of us whose gifts have awakened, the "Giants" among us, can travel this infinite string, the realm, and in rare cases, transverse multiple realms. Giants live on the principles of peace and humility, keeping watch over the infinite worlds under the guidance of the Council.18-year old college student Leanna Salinger emerges as a Warrior Giant, just as her grandmother was. But even among her own kind, she is alone. She won't open her ...
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