Yossi Yassour
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 238

Yossi Yassour, an Israeli bestselling author and esteemed professor of Business Administration, presents the fascinating field of decision-making in a clear, humorous, and accessible language, to allow you to make the decisions that are most right for you.You are watching a reality TV show you enjoy. At the same time, a friend calls you and tells you that a competing TV channel is showing a different reality TV show you like. When you put down the phone, are you in a better situation than you were before? Even though you now have more choices, you may be surprised to discover that most people would say your situation is worse. But how is this logical?Whether we are aware of it or not, we make decisions every moment of our life. The problems begin to form when we base too many of our decisions on wrong comparisons, misinformation, misguided risk assessment, and other negative emotional ...
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