David Hopkins
Publisher: Tales from Efre Ousel
Pages: 78

"Epic fantasy at its finest. Comprehensive world and intricate character development." — Rosaire Bushey, author of the 30 Stones SagaThis fantasy adventure of love and loss continues with book two, A Hidden Burrow Near Barcombe. Silbrey and her family seek refuge in a farmhouse nestled next to a dark forest. Somewhere among the trees hides the answers to Silbrey's past.As the snow melts, yielding to the wet chill of an early spring, Silbrey's children venture from the farm to explore their surroundings. Her daughter Gydan hears voices begging for help, luring them deeper into the woods. They meet a peculiar neighbor, a war mage who once served Kret Bonebreaker during the War of the Hounds.The War of the Hounds, which tore apart the region so long ago, may not be over—and all of Amon is at risk. No place is safe for Silbrey and her family in this startling continuation of the epic ...
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