Publisher: unknown
Pages: 100

A SIX-GUN, SIX OUTLAWS, SIX BOOKS.PART 1 - SIX-GUN RETRIBUTION - BAXTER - After seven years searching the wilderness, Landon rides into the Nevada frontier town of Bigstone Flats, a town living in fear and run by a vicious gangster called Baxter. The name appears on the list of outlaws he is searching for but before he can serve his own brand of justice he must first confirm if it's the same person. While gathering evidence Landon meets several interesting wild west characters. After the gangster tries to kill a rancher and his beautiful daughter Landon takes it upon himself to rid the town of Baxter and his gang leading to an explosive gunfight ending on the main street of Bigstone Flats.Part 1 of 6 dark western cowboy short stories that follow the exploits of vengeful gunfighter Edward Landon as he tracks down the six members of an outlaw gang - one book at a time.SIX-GUN RETRIBUTION ...
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