Hollie Bell-Schinzing
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 36

There are many stories surrounding the mysterious Guardian Bell Legend (Also known as a gremlin bell). This adventure is set during the Second World War, where the legend began.Throughout history, the Guardians, a genderless offshoot of the fairies, have entrusted a select few humans with a precious gift: a guardian bell. After an unwelcome exile from their homeland, the Guardians are forbidden any future contact with humans. With the arrival of aeronautics, the Guardian's love of everything technological made it inevitable that their presence would become known. The guardians were soon known as "gremlins" blamed for every mishap, although the opposite was really the case. A group of guardians break the rules and forge a friendship with an RCAF air force pilot, resulting in an epic journey and the birth of a legend. This re-telling of a legend, well loved by motorcycle enthusiasts, will ...
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