Ali Mercer
Publisher: Bookouture
Pages: 286

Fourteen years ago Stella did something she has regretted ever since. But she did it for her daughter. Now, that mistake could mean she loses her precious girl forever… Stella follows her handsome husband Rob to the beautifully laid-out table in the restaurant he’s chosen specially for her fortieth birthday lunch. As the waiter pops the champagne, Rob proposes a toast and their crystal glasses clink together in celebration. Stella knows how they must look to anyone watching. Two people very much in love, with the perfect marriage and the perfect life.But Rob is about to drop a bombshell on Stella. He wants a divorce.If she doesn’t agree to his plan – to sell the house, divide the money and award him full custody of fourteen-year-old Georgie – he will tell their innocent daughter the one secret he promised to keep and that Stella has worked so hard to protect her from.Stella has a choice ...
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