Fidda Kabir
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 216

LavenderIt's hard to forget your first love. And he was my only love. I could never forget him. It's been 5 years since he left our hometown. I knew he always saw me as a kid, but I always loved him. Now, I've left my hometown and studying at a renowned college. When I thought I was ready to get over him, he entered my classroom and introduced himself as my professor.EdenI've seen her grow up from a cute little girl to a beautiful woman. Despite our age gap, I've always loved her. But it's not easy when you are just an orphan and the girl you love is a rich princess.'Forget me not' is a standalone romance novel about an orphan boy falling for a rich girl. Reality had made sure to separate them for years. But one can never forget their first love. Can they?
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