Tony Teora
Publisher: Alien Agenda Publishing
Pages: 307

Smart Pills is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for community library science fiction collections and for anyone who wants the save the universe plot with a healthy dose of humor introduced into it.—Midwest Book Reviews"A story of MOBSTERS, ALIENS and a psychotic US president--what can possibly go wrong?" "I laughed so hard I almost crashed my car!" Audible listenerCaptain Markus and the eccentric time traveling crew of the AeroStella have their hands full when they encounter Earth, the mafia, and a psychotic US President. The mayhem starts when two bumbling Jersey mobsters, Nick and Squeaky, decide that their only way to get rich is to insure and burn down an old apartment building. Unfortunately their complex is above ancient alien beacon for communicating with their galactic space brothers. First contact by the aliens sets in motion a destructive course for mankind and the aliens. The fate of the ...
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