A. G. Khaliq
ASIN: B08Z7X1S48
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 152

★ Amazon top 30 bestseller in Gothic Romance ★ I was a monster, and she was too innocent for my world. Part 1 of a trilogy.Discounted boxset of complete series is also available on Author Profile if you don't want to buy the books individually. Beauty and the Beast.Everyone knows how that fairytale goes, right?How an egotistical motherfucker gets trapped into a spell by a wicked witch, because he looked down upon her, judging her by how she looked before even knowing her. Then having to break that spell, by having a woman fall in love with him in his monster form.Except, I’m no fairytale prince.We all know that all the happily ever after’s from the movies are bullshit.Happily ever after’s don’t exist.Especially for a motherfucker like me.A man who’s done so much wrong, seen things he shouldn’t have seen. Watched men and women get tortured, murdered, be ripped away from their goddamn ...
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