Whitney Dineen, Melanie Summers
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 306

***All books in the series read as standalones.Text Wars: May the text be with you...I'm Serafina Lopez, and I'm an astrologer. No, not the airy-fairy type who wears long flowy skirts and enormous hoop earrings—you know, unless I want to. I'm an uber-serious businesswoman.My popular lifestyle app, "Live for you Star Sign," is getting so big, I've just been asked to be a guest on New York's most-watched morning show. To say I'm thrilled would be the biggest understatement of all time. This TV segment is going to launch my career into the stratosphere.Imagine my surprise when I show up on set to find out that I'm not the only guest. They've also invited astrophysicist Ben Williams from NASA to come on at the same time. (I'm not sure if you know this, but astrologers and rocket scientists aren't exactly sympatico.)It's 100% hate at first sight (with maybe a tiny dose of lust thrown in—I'm ...
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