Andrew Harmonsbury
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 62

Candlestick charting for beginners2021 Starting guide to help you master candlestick chartingNowadays Candlestick charting has become more popular from year to year. If earlier it was something mysterious, only for special people or wolves from Wall Street, but today, at least everyone heard about it. Today to start candlestick charting - all that you need is connection to the internet. But it is a reason why most people lost their capital and stopped trading. That to not be like them, better to learn basic information, strategies, that to save capital and increase it in future. All necessary information for beginners you can find in this book. Things you will know: Why people buying stocks?How to read charting lines and indicators?What difference between bullish and bearish tactics?How to trade?How to manage your risks?How to increase your inventions?Download your copy of " Candlestick ...
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