Richard Wilson
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 190

Want to get started on data science?Data science is one of the emerging technologies that is set to radically transform the job market. With applications in almost every industry, data science experts will have no shortage of great job offers. But, the whole field may seem a little intimidating if your background is not specific to data science.★ Here just a little preview of what you’ll find inside this book:•    A thorough and simple explanation of data science and the way it works.•    Basics of data science and fundamental skills you need to get started•    Data science libraries you need to learn to become a data whizz•    A blueprint for the most used frameworks for Python data science•    How to process and understand the data and design your own projects★ On the program:•    What is a data scientist?•    What languages should be learned?•    The three musketeers of Data ...
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