Stephen McGrann
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 137

Mia Zapata: a young woman and her band seem destined to make it to the very top, until their lead singer is found brutally murdered. Arlis Perry: a Stanford student is found horrifically murdered in a slaying with ritualistic overtones. Cops race against time to find the killer before he inevitably strikes again.Johnny Altinger: a computer whizz looks for love. What he finds is his own demise, with his family left to secure justice.Rebecca Schaeffer: with her natural girl-next-door good looks and bubbly personality, it seemed inevitable that Rebecca Schaeffer would have a successful career in showbiz. The only thing that could possibly stop her turned out to be a deranged stalker who was convinced that he and Rebecca were soul mates.The Pillow Pyro: a series of fatal arson attacks plague California, but could the arsonist be a firefighter also?
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