Jessie Gussman
ASIN: B09166ZH83
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 153

They both want to make things work, but will their children come between them?Gage has been happy in Blueberry Beach, living above the store on the Main Street, working from home and raising his two girls. Alone.The tightknit community supports each other and his daughters enjoy working in the ice cream shop and playing in the beach band.When Zariah and her teenage niece, Macie, move in across the street, opening a clothing boutique, Gage's attraction to her is immediate. Their relationship seems too good to be true. Or maybe it’s Macie that’s too good to be true.When Macie is caught in a crime spree that includes stealing cars, destroying property and dealing drugs, the small community is shocked and appalled.Will Gage and Zariah’s relationship be able to weather this storm? Will Blueberry Beach ever feel safe again?Reviews for Beautiful Forevers:★★★★★ “The book was just all consuming ...
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