Colette McCormick
ASIN: B0917P1HJ3
Publisher: The Pink Pen
Pages: 236

'It is only after death that life can be fully understood’Ellen's life is over in an instant when a drunk driver comes out of nowhere and hits the car she is driving. She never knew what hit her.But Ellen is only young, she isn't ready to die and there are loose ends to tie up before she can move 'beyond the light.' Luckily she isn't alone, she has George to look after her. He's new to the job and his methods aren't exactly orthodox but together they set about dealing with Ellen's issues.There is Marc, the man that Ellen still loves. She watches him struggle with life as a single parent as she herself struggles with the realisation that Marc needs to move on without her.There is Naomi, the child that Ellen left behind, the child that becomes Ellen’s link to those that still live.And there is her mother whose life is falling apart.Ellen looks for ways to help and with George constantly ...
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