Thomas Wideman
ASIN: B0917Z9S9Z
Publisher: 978-1-7364630-1-7
Pages: 174

Are You Ready To Transform Your Life?Discover The Real-Life Story Of A Man Who Managed To Beat The Odds & Carve Out A Path Towards Success!Do you feel that your life has stagnated?Are you afraid that your social and economic background won't let you succeed?Presenting "Welfare Cheese To Fine Caviar: How To Achieve Your Dreams Despite Your Upbringing" By Thomas Wideman - A Stirring Memoir Showing How You Can Change Your Life Route Through Education, Hard Work & Faith!Fighting poverty, bullying, racism, and family problems since a child, the author used education as his golden ticket to escaping from these circumstances, working hard to become a better version of himself and establish a successful presence in the business industry.Thomas Wideman has written this powerful book to share with you his painful experiences, explain how he overcame the financial and emotional challenges, and how ...
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