Jennifer Paul
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 675

Start to eat healthy with the Mediterranean Diet.1 recipe per page with the Paper Book nicely formatted to make sure it is easy and enjoyable to read.More than 500 quick, easy and tasty recipes that will allow you to lose weight and improve your health.The 2021 Complete Mediterranean Cookbook gives you an updated list of the today most common Mediterranean diet recipes, easy to prepare for everyday cooking, for beginners and not.There are several versions of this diet, but all of them are rich in olive oil, vegetables, fruits, nuts and legumes. There is a considerable amount of seafood in the diet as well. Dairy products are used infrequently but not completely excluded. Meat and poultry are consumed in small amounts or used as condiments or side dishes. Salads, Smoothies and Snacks recipes also included in this cookbook!Easy ingredients available at your local supermarket.
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