Evan Klein
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 175

Charlie Mason (AKA Mace) is a former detective for major crimes who is forced to retire. His former Captain offers him a job as an in game constable for the hottest virtual reality game around, Immersion Online. This down and out detective knows nothing of character creation, leveling up, or magical artifacts. He is a real noob. He spawns in the Wilderbrook – a group of human and humanoid villages hundreds of miles from the nearest city – to learn the ins and outs of the game before he assumes his role as a constable in Grandview – one of the largest city in The Great Realm. In the Wilderbrook, he and his new companions come up against an ancient evil. Mace is low level and way out of his league. But virtual world or not, Mace still has his wits and training as a detective. And he is going to need them!
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4.5 stars from 86 ratings
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